Danger Gevaar Ingozi (DGI) is a mixed media art production facility with a particular focus on linocut relief printing. Our primary aim is to provide young artists with 1) a studio space in which to apply their trade with, and in the vicinity of more experienced practitioners and 2) a market access vehicle to assist them to generate revenue from their artworks, technical skill and curatorial ability. More importantly however, we acknowledge the need to generate and embrace a new form of cultural capital from the domestic art industry. The relationship between art and culture has been a prominent mechanism for social cohesion in South Africa, and our duty is to pick up off where our fore-bearers left off through knowledge exchange and collaboration. The other side of the coin is that youth development is not a charitable endeavour. We recognise that artists have marketable skills which require investment and opportunity, and that intellect and practical skill within the art world are tradable commodities which can create employment and generate revenue. We are a vehicle for the general public to invest in the youth and in the arts. As the creative sector grows, it will contribute as much equity to the fiscal economy as it does to our cultural economy, becoming a vehicle for national growth and development

"The Love Is Approaching, but too much of anything is bad" - John Maufangejo