The story of Danger Gevaar Ingozi Studio began long before any of its members were born. It began fragmented across the globe, through a series of imperceptibly connected narratives. Its genesis lies not only in an accumulative global history of print as a craft, and means of knowledge production and dissemination, but also an accumulative global history of colonialization, migration, forced removal, relocation, and slavery. These combined histories and bases of practical and theoretical knowledge form the basis of a collaborative practice at Danger Gevaar Ingozi studio that attempts to dismantle and disrupt historically oppressive spaces and systems within a traditionally western art world. With a current focus on printmaking - linocuts and relief printing in particular - DGI Studio represents a preservation of a medium deeply rooted in the cultural, political and social histories of South Africa (and other countries) as a means of widely disseminating information where freedom of speech was not equally distributed. Based in downtown Johannesburg, Nathaniel Sheppard III, Chad Cordeiro and Sbongisensi Khulu can typically be found carving, inking or editioning prints whilst in conversation and collaboration with other artists, writers and collectives. A Couple of such collectives are Title in Transgression and all-femme group Pxssy on a Plinth .

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